At 5am, another 200 baby turtles were released from Playa Malena. We then drove along the interamerican to El Valle, stopping along the way at natural (and free) swimming holes eg rivers. They're popular with locals and tourist free.

On the way to El Valle, Gwyn and I smelt something burning in the van. We looked around an electrical wire was smoking. As we pulled over, I was faffing about trying to find the right type of extinguisher, and Gwyn just cut the wires. Had to be Dougal's best trick to date - setting on fire, whilst we are driving.  Brilliant.

When we got to El Valle, we went around the artisan and food market, which was just your standard fresh fruit and vegetable and touristy tack. There's some strange characters in this town, who walk around with pet monkeys in the markets, but we got to play with them, feed them and take some photos (they don't ask for money either).

Most of the attractions close at 5pm and the town turns into a ghost town. At least it's a mountainous town, which takes the Panama humidity away at night.