In the morning the electricity in the town went again, so we stayed in bed. Due to this, we missed out on the morning surfing session tour (they have them at 9am and 3pm). We booked on to do one of favourite activities, wake-boarding at 12pm for a bargain $25usd pp, but surprise, we waited around all morning and the person never turned up. Apparently his wife had the boat. Likely story. Despite the gorgeous weather (where was this yesterday?!) we decided that today was not going to be our day and conscious about reaching Boquete before dark, we bailed from the island at 2pm. The only bonus from the day was relaxing in the sun on our hotel deck in the morning waiting around, and having to only pay $6usd for parking for 3 days when we got back to the mainland (that was a mistake on their part).

The journey to Boquete took 3 hours. To get there take highway 21 then cut across to highway 17 via a good paved (name unknown, but if you use the GPS we used it will come up). Do not go via David, as it will add another 90 minutes onto your journey. The roads were paved, but steep in parts. Dougal overheated and we had to slither back down the road to a flat section. Gwyn with one of his genius (but dangerous) ideas, decided that the best way to cool the van down quicker was to open up the radiator. I have never seen a geyser of boiling water coming from a car before. It went everywhere...but it did the trick in fairness.

Boquete is a mountainous town (which we like as it means a cool nights sleeping in the van) and we decided to park up outside Cafe Ruiz overnight, so we were ready for the tour the next morning. Unfortunately, the curry the night before got the better of both of us, so we had to go the 'toilet' in front of the grassy patch of the owner's house (we didn't know this until the next day). We're tramps, but the alternative was worse. Sod's law, no-one drives past us for hours, but when we were getting down to business a car with headlights pointing directly at us appears. I'm not sure who was more embarrassed, but I hope they aren't on the tour tomorrow...