We arrived at the Sixaola/Guabito border crossing at 8am. Make sure you change up your Costa Rican colones here as, as we found it was difficult to do this throughout Panama, and we got a bad rate in the City, when we eventually found somewhere.

An hour later, we arrived at Amirante. If you have a car, park at the secure parking near the dock; don't follow the locals to their apparent secure parking outside their house. We got lucky with a space, but arrive early, or you'll have no option, but to go park in a potential dodgy parking space. Expect to pay roughly $4usd per day (but this fluctuates depending how light your skin is).

The boat to get to Bocas del Tora is 30 minutes and was $6usd per person. There's limited seating, so don't get the last boat out, as you aren't be guaranteed a space.

Bocas town is nothing special. Use it as a base for day trips to the Islands. There's loads of restaurants and tour companies, so shop around for the best deal. Lunch included is a big bonus as the cheapest main dishes on these other quieter islands is $15usd. Stupidly, we never booked accommodation before we arrived, despite the fact we knew it was high season. We spent hours walking around in the heat trying to get a room, and eventually found a hotel at the far end of the main strip (Hotel Brisas) for $30usd a room per night. It was basic, but that didn't bother us.  Although, I suspect we'll come to regret the a decent air-conditioning room...

We spent the evening having a few drinks at Casa Verde for Margarita Mondays and then chilled out on the dock, at the back of our hotel. The water was beautifully clear and had plenty of fish (great for freebie snorkelling).