In the morning we visited the Miraflores locks along the Panama Canal. It's really easy to get to - just follow the Carr Gaillard/Diablo. The best time to visit the locks is between 9am - 11am or 3pm - 5pm, as that is when the big liners pass through. For $8usd you get to have the full Panama Canal experience ie access to the observation areas, some 3D 20 minute film, and the museum. We did it all, but we weren't too fussed with the film or museum; they weren't that good. In relation to the canal itself, there's no doubt about it that it's an engineering marvel and an impressive man-made structure, but it's just a canal and did get boring after awhile. We lasted 2 hours there, which was surprising given Gwyn's strop when we went to the Hoover Dam and my moaning on the Yangzte river cruise.  You could do it in 40 minutes, if you just wanted to view to a boat going through the locks.

We went further along the road to the Sumit Botanical Gardens and Zoo. The admission is now $5usd and although we did get to see jaguars, tapirs and the harpy eagle, they are all in fairly small enclosures. It's not the best zoo we have been to and seeing them in the wild is undoubtedly much better. We'd say miss it, unless you have children.

We went as far as Rainforest Discovery Centre. It's $20usd pp, plus parking for essentially an observation deck to view birds, that we'd already seen, so we skipped it. As we were leaving, one of the back doors came off.  As in the whole door actually flew off.  We had lost a hinge, probably when we did the last 1km of off-roading to the centre. We had to steal a bolt from our bed and use it to keep the door on, along with the best invention ever - duct tape. If you can't duct it, f**k it. It worked.  Yeah!

In the afternoon, we went around the historical district again and down along the Causeway for a few drinks. The views of the skyline are better from the Plaza de Francia in the historical district though. The causeway is just restaurants and bars and a place for joggers and cyclist to exercise. There's not much more to it than that, but it's nice enough.

Again, we stayed outside Balboa Yacht Club.