We booked onto the tour to go to the Caye Zapatilla and for $49 we got to visit Sloth island (we saw two Sloths really close-up); Dophin Bay (several bottlenose dolphins were playing around the boat); Caye Zapatilla (beautiful beach, clear waters and a 20 minute jungle walk with crocodiles lurking in the lagoons); a decent lunch; deep boarding; and snorkelling at Hospital Point. Deep boarding over the Caye Zapatilla was epic. In essence you hold onto a plastic board (ergonomically designed) as a boat drags you for momentum. You can control the board by leaning left or right, or up and down to direct yourself under water. Awesome way of snorkelling and seeing the marine park. We were on a tour with some annoying girls who were extremely loud and irritated everyone during the day...but that's the risk you take with organised tours.  Actually wanted to shove the BBQ chicken they turned their noses up, down their throats to shut them up.

The only negatives of the tour, was the weather was over-caste most of the day, with a few showers (that's life), and we only got to do the snorkelling at the end of the day as we (and several other people) complained (as it was promised as part of the tour, but clearly the guide couldn't be bothered and thought everyone would forget). That made things a bit awkward.

When we eventually got back to Bocas del Toro the whole of the town was without electricity. It wouldn't have been so bad, but for once we forgot our head torches and with our room resembling a prison cell, there was no natural light to navigate around. 

Three hours later, with life back in the town, we broke our daily budget and went all out on an Indian at Om Restaurant. We recommend for top nosh.

A strange note about Bocas Toros, several people were sent back to their hotels by the police for walking around topless or just wearing bikini tops. Unlike the other islands we have been on throughout Central America, Bocas Toros appears to have more conservative views about flashing your skin.  Shame :-(.