At 9am, we started the 3 hour Cafe Ruiz tour. Cafe Ruiz is Panamas most famous coffee grower and produces the most expensive coffee in the world - Geisha coffee. Our guide Carlos was knowledgeable and informative about the coffee making process, and he made the whole morning really funny with his jokes. The tour included a history of coffee in Boquete, a visit to a coffee farm and roasting facility, and the obligatory tasting session. We actually learned a lot and it's been the best coffee tour to date, so we recommend. Visit to make a reservation a few days in advance.

In relation to the quality and taste of the coffee, we enjoyed it, but these things are subjective. The Geisha coffee is $800usd per kilo in London, so we purchased some A LOT cheaper than that ridiculous price. Starbucks won't cut it for Gwyn from now onwards...

After, we went to El Explorador on the other side of town. It's basically someones garden with 'sculptures' made of trash throughout. We'd heard it was very 'Alice in Wonderland-esque', but it was fairly crap in more ways than one.  They charged a $5usd entrance fee, and it wasn't even worth that.

The coffee and flower festival is held in January, so we decided to go. It was okay (just a few flower displays, handicraft and food stalls), but don't come all the way here just for this.  We were over it after an hour.

Given it was boiling day, we decided to skip the hot springs and drive to Boca Chica seaside town for sunset drinks.

Somehow, we managed to get a puncture in a tyre (the road wasn't even bad), and really unlucky for us (and somewhat stupid), where we parked up to change it, was directly in a fire ant's nest.  We were covered within seconds, and I really freaked out, as I brought the little s**ts in the van.  Just thinking about them now, makes my skin crawl.