The day started of with Gwyn and our guide racing around in the cabin trying to catch an anteater. They failed.  Funny to watch two grown men running around in their underwear trying to be all Steve Irwin.

We then went to find more anacondas. Again, we could only find a 2-metre baby one. After this little detour, we went piranha fishing, with a basic line and bait. Gwyn caught 2 within 5 minutes, but none after that. In the end I caught 3.  Smug :).  We were told to whack them on their necks to put them out of their misery. I couldn't get the hang of this - they were slippery with nasty teeth, so my instinct was to drop it as soon as it made a move. Mine were still living after punching them over and over again.  Gwyn watched in hysterics why I punched one fish over 10 times.  It was like something out of 'The Inbetweeners'.  Poor little fishies.  Tasted good later though!

In the afternoon, we went horse riding through the savannah. Stopping at a farm for a break, Gwyn got mounted by a dog that tried to furiously hump him.  He wouldn't leave him alone whilst we were there.  Gwyn was running around the farm, with this dog just seeing it as some form for foreplay.  He has this affect on animals.

In the evening, we chilled out in our hammocks on the porch. Whilst walking back to the room, I accidentally kicked a toad in the head and slept with toad juice all over my foot, as the shower and tap had stopped running water.  Nice.