Thinking the van would be up and going today, I went off around the shops for a gifts of gratitude to give the family.  Unfortunately, despite the fact Gwyn and several other people spent all day tinkering, Dougal would just not start.  It was incredibly frustrating, and so we contacted a mechanic who specialised (apparently) in this make of vehicle (in Colombia this would be more believable).  He was available to come tomorrow, so we settled in for the night again and experienced yet more lavish and delicious food from our Venezuelan hosts.  We chatted all night about life, careers, vehicles, travels and politics, which given the hostile situation at the moment, this was one of the most interesting conversations we have had the whole trip.  Without them, we would be throwing together leftover foodstuff, which would’ve consisted of half a bag of crackers, cereal and tuna pasta.  Not appealing.