So after deciding to take Dougal back to the UK, we realised that towing him back to the  the shipping port of Cartagena, Colombia (were we were less than a week ago!), was financially out of the question and the only option would be for Gwyn to get dirty and try and fix it, so we could drive it back.

Our tour guide’s friend came over to where we were parked and offered some mechanical advice.  He also kindly brought along food and drinks supplies.  After several hours in the heat, he suggested to get the vehicle towed and park it on his driveway, so we could work on it in a safe and secure place.  Nice of him.  We met his family and they even prepared a big feast for our arrival.  An added bonus, they refused for us to sleep in the van (despite the fact we had done so for months) and gave us a room and warm shower.  Their generosity was quite overwhelming, considering majority of the family didn’t speak any English at all, and our Spanish isn’t much passed the guidebooks.

Safe to say, we slept pretty well that night.