We said our goodbyes to our Venezuelan family and couldn’t thank them enough for everything they had done.  Rather than risk going north along highway 6 towards murder central Maracaibo and with everything kick off their that has been documented in the news lately, we decided to go to Cucuta.  The van seemed to be holding out, but as you'll see, that doesn't last long once we hit Colombia again.  

Cucuata was a lax border crossing, crazy busy, but fairly straight forward.  Just ask any official: “¿dónde está la oficina de inmigración?” and you’ll be fine.  There were no hidden charges, although you are meant to purchase insurance for Colombia, which we didn’t do as it was on the pricey side and seeing as we were heading straight to the Cartagena, we thought we would risk it.

NB  We have every intention of coming back to Venezuela in the near future for a month, to do it properly and hopefully see our friends again, so check back then to see how we got on...