In the morning we left Los Llanos.  It took 8 hours to get back to Merida, including time for another steak lunch.  Overall the tour is definitely worth doing, but book when you get here rather than online, as they give you a much better rate in person. We paid double the price online. Lesson learnt from over booking things.

Dougal is still in a state of not moving, so we are discussing the possibility of shipping him back to the UK and changing cars. The risk of taking him around South America is too high. It's much better to sell Land Rovers back in the UK, as the tax on foreign vehicles doesn't make it attractive for locals and also we'd not get what it is worth out here.  In relation to buying a vehicle out here, it takes a lot of time and effort. We know someone who did just this. 3 months later, lots of Spanish speaking, they managed to buy one.

As we (the royal 'we') couldn't fix the car, our guide let us stay in his mother's driveway again. She was so lovely and accommodating, stuffing us up with food and giving us drinks. Even though Venezuela has a bad reputation for being dangerous, every person we have met so far has been so warm, kind and generous. It's such a shame how the bad eggs here have defined the country to the rest of the world.