Literally rolling down the hill to Merida, we passed 5 fuel stations, which were either closed or didn't have diesel.  2km off Merida, we roll to a stop. I get a taxi and we drive around for an hour finding diesel. When I come to the van, Gwyn was with the tour guide, who informed us, he thought we'd been murdered as we were late. This country just keeps filling us with confidence. We topped up Dougal, but he wasn't having any of it, despite Gwyn's efforts to get him going.  Luckily, we managed to roll down the hill and park in the tour guides secure residence parking.  Finally, we can get onto the tour...a day later than scheduled.

As we were late, we had to pay an additional $60usd to hire another driver to get to the lunch spot (half way between Merida and Los Llanos). Driving through the Andes provided beautiful scenery and cloud forests, plus steep windy roads. 

Lunch was 2 slabs of steak each, coleslaw and some potato thing. It was ridiculously huge. We then got the 4WD to take us 5 hours across the savannah to the cabin. The drive was an adventure in itself. We passed hundreds of waterholes teaming with caiman crocodiles, cattle, horses, anteaters, snakes, capybara, and loads of varieties of birds, like heron.

When we arrived, we got upgraded to a room for free, as opposed to the hammock accommodation we paid for and had lovely home-made Venezuela meal, cooked by the guides family. What. A. Day.