When people think of safaris, Africa is usually on their mind. Today, we found there's some stiff competition on the South American continent, as we took a boat down the Rio Apure. We saw countless birds, caiman crocodiles, capybara, iguanas, pink dolphin, turtles, piranhas, cattle and wild horses. There was no need for binoculars or the waiting game here. At one point, our guide jumped in the crocodile and piranha infested water with all his clothes on, as he found a huge turtle he wanted to catch and show us.  Apparently, it was safe to do this, as he was quick. Erm...

In the afternoon, we went on a 4WD safari across the flat plains. We saw all the above again, in abundance and even a baby anaconda. He was still 2 metres in length. It was pretty cool.  The guide told me to drag the anaconda out of the water by its tail, and without hesitating I did.  We got the video footage to show off my Bear Grylls antics.  We searched the waterholes for a large anaconda, but couldn't find one.  We did manage to catch a baby caiman crocodile though. It's nothing like Gatorland in Florida here; there's no duct tape used, and these things are powerful.  As usual I got involved whilst the boys watched.  I was holding on so hard, that the photos look like I am constipated.  That’s not my usual smile.

Afterwards, we made our way back to the cabin and drank the night away with local beers and practicing out Spanish with the locals.