Ever wondered what it's like to surf down an active volcano in Central America? Watch the sunrise break, standing in a hot air balloon that soars over the Serengeti in Africa? Feel the wind in your hair as you drive the infamous Route 66 across the USA? Taste sea-horse, lizard, cockroaches and other unusual treats through Asia? Dive with hundreds of hammerheads, whale sharks and manta rays in the Pacific? Fall asleep to the sounds of the Amazon in South America? Discover the meaning of 'paradise' as you island hop across Australasia? 

Here, I show you where is hot to visit (giving an honest account of the pros and cons of the places, activities and sights); the practical element to overlanding these countries; what life is really like travelling/living in a tin box with a partner (then splitting up); and the trials and tribulations that these trips bring along the way.  My aim is to show you how to do it independently and get the most out of your adventure, so you too can embrace my travel mantra of:

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.

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