Want to be an Overlander, join the next expedition and have a trip of a lifetime?

There are many ways you can follow us, such as Facebook and YouTube, but for some of the more adventurous of you, The Overlanders are opening their doors for the first time, so YOU can join in the epic road trip around South America too.  From previous trips, I know that travelling wouldn’t be the same without the people you meet along the way (either fellow travellers or the locals), and so I want people to share the adventure and live their dreams too, and now I am able to offer this with three extra seats and places to sleep.  One of you will be sleeping next to me though, so that's the only trade-off ;).

Keeping in theme with the couch surfing philosophy, I welcome any fellow travellers to come crash in my home - whether it be for a few hours to chill with a beer and a BBQ, to help people get from A to B, or explore countries with me for months at a time.  So make space in your diary and welcome Kermit into your life (and little me).

Accommodation is free (unlike tours of this kind that would charge $1000s), but I ask that incremental costs like food, fuel, tolls (and campsites, if required) are split equally between everyone for the duration you are are onboard (see the FAQ section below).  I ask for nothing towards the van maintenance, or any pennies to go towards the initial cost of the van, shipping costs, equipment I have bought, all the planning I have done, and building the vans.

Below is a map giving you a rough idea of the route, and a plan providing a brief outline of the time frame in each country and when this will be:

Start: mid to end October 2015. Finish: March 2017 ish.  Duration: 18 months.

  • Uruguay - 1 month in October 
  • Argentina - 2 months in November to January (with Antarctica trip in between)
  • Antarctica, South Georgia and Falklands - 1 month in December 
  • Chile - 2/3 months in January to March (NB In and out of Chile and Argentina during this period)
  • Bolivia - 1 month in April
  • Peru - 1 month in May
  • Ecuador - 1 month in June
  • Colombia - 1 month in July
  • Venezuela - 1 month in August
  • Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana - 2 months in September to October
  • Brazil - 2/3 months in November to December
  • Paraguay - 1 month in January
  • THEN back to Brazil for 1/2 months in February (for Rio Carnival) to March.


Why the time frame in each place?

I appreciate that you could spend a year alone exploring Brazil, but I aim to cover highlights and some little extras in each country, in the time frame I have.  The durations are based on recommended itineraries, forums and travel books (and also my budget).  Please note that I have visited Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador (including The Galapagos), Peru and Chile, so I feel I know these countries regarding highlights and budget.

The time of year has also been considered so that we would in a specific country at the best time of the year to visit that place eg Angel Falls in Venezuela and turtle season in Guyana is arguably best between July and December.  There is some flexibility - give or take a month.  I am happy to stay somewhere longer if it's awesome or cut down the time in somewhere if we all feel we've been there, done that and worn the travel t-shirt far too long.  Whatever the group is happy to do.


What will it cost me?

You will have to sort out your own flights to meet Kermit and I, and of course any spending money.  When you are with us we will all equally split the cost of food, fuel, toll roads and campsites (if required).  I don't ask for any money towards accommodation or maintaining the vehicle.

  • Food

I normally carry about four days of food, and this will come to about $50USD (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  Some countries are more expensive than others, but I try to buy from markets, rather than big chains.  I have a hob and a BBQ to cook food on.  I am not a fussy eater  and open to trying new foods.  I will try to cook a variety of western favourites and healthy options, but if cooking is your forte please step forward.  My Uni cooking skills didn't venture much passed that. 

  • Fuel

Kermit can carry up to 180L.  This should give us a range of around 1100 miles.  Fuel is on average between $0.50 to $1USD per L.  Some countries are significantly lower eg Venezuela is an insane $0.05USD to fill up from empty (that's not a typo)! 

  • Toll Roads

Again, these vary from country to country.  In the past they have been anything from $0.50 to $20USD.

  • Campsites

I rarely stay on campsites, but when I do they are generally under $10USD per night, per vehicle.

Where will I sleep ?

There is an option for a single sleeper to be inside, or for two people to be in the annex attached to the vehicle.  You will need your own sleeping bags.  When we stay in towns/cities you have the option to stay at a hostel/hotel if you want - we will just park up outside.  

We sometimes stay on campsites, but mostly it is wild/stealth camp.  This gets us to places where tourists and travellers don't normally see.  It's not uncommon for us to have nightly BBQs and cold beers around the bonfire, then wake up to fresh coconut and coffee on deserted beaches with turtles, ready with the surfboard in hand.

How Will I wash?

We carry 100L of  water with us, which we are able to heat and have hot showers with.   They'll be outside, but I'm sure you won't complain about the 'garden' view.  Travellers dream :).

How do i get involved? 

You can email me at overlanders@outlook.com , or send me a message here:

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